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The Eyebrow Shaping Kit offers infallible colour that will help contour any eyebrow. Shape and define your brows with flattering shades for all brow tones. This kit provides everything you need to keep your brows looking great.

    • Step 1: Use tweezers to shape brow. The beginning of the brow should line up with the side of the nose, the arch should line up with the edge of your iris, and the brow should end diagonal (45 degrees) from the outer corner of your eye.
    • Step 2: Apply dark or medium brow powder, depending on hair colour. Lightly outline the very edge of the brows then begin filling in the brow area using light brush strokes. Eyebrow powder will help fill in sparse areas and lock the brows in place.
    • Step 3: Apply the light brow colour just under the newly contoured brow. This will make the brows look more precise and clean.